Life is beautiful

© Bloomimage/Corbis

© Bloomimage/Corbis

i find it amazing
how the lives of us meet each other,
out of nowhere,
without any invitation,
we still end up having a beautiful memory
to cherish for all our lives.
no matter which way i choose,
i always happen to find someone
who is having a break in his journey
enjoying his supper,
i join him,
we end up sharing stories of our lives
and how we happened to start on this route
sometimes the starts look alike,
while at others, just a world apart.
but no matter what
i feel happy
to always find someone wandering out there,
it’s not that i am afraid to walk alone,
but just that the way looks shorter
and beautiful
when i walk along with someone,
this makes my belief even more stronger,
that life is beautiful.


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